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EMS Ice, Inc is the exclusive user of Cryovent ®, a patented ventilation cleaning system. This system is a process for cleaning ventilation ducting and components using the Dry Ice Blast Technology.

EMS Ice cleaning process involves utilizing:
—150 psig diesel driven air compressor with after coolers
—Pelletized CO2 dry ice
—Dry ice blast accelerator
—Variety of nozzles developed for the specific application
—Negative air machine with multiple stage filters exhausting off-hull to the weather deck
The pelletized dry ice is loaded into the accelerator’s  hopper, mechanically accelerated through unit and blasted out at a velocity approximately Mach 1.8-2.2 from the system’s blast nozzle. Because this is a line of sight cleaning process approximately 35 linear feet of interior surface can be cleaned from the ventilation access ports.  Access ports are cut as necessary to gain the line of sight cleaning as required for the entire ducting system.  The CO2 gas, compressed air and removed contaminates are exhausted from the ventilation ducting and captured in the filtration system inline with the negative air machine.
The cleaning process utilizes kinetic energy as utilized  in sandblasting or hydro blasting without adding residual blast media.
When the EMS Ice duct cleaning procedure is used properly, it removes up to 100% of the ventilation ducting contaminates with no ventilation duct system removals.
Negative Air System

—Ventilation Blank and Adapter Fittings
—Flexible Duct
—Filter Box
—Multiple Stage Filters
—Negative Air Blower
—Off-hull Exhaust Duct




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