Cleaning dirty electrical equipment has never been easier. Instead of solvent fumes, dust particles or water vapor suspended in air, you have only a loud hiss and an occasional blast of cold air. This process is extremely effective in cleaning AC motors, DC motors, motor generators, turbine generators, diesel generators, hydro generators, switchboards and circuit breakers.

Carbon, grease and dirt contribute to the low megohm readings as well as catastrophic equipment failures. Dry ice blast cleaning removes the contaminates thus improving megohm readings. The cleaning also restores machine efficiency which is reduced by thermal dissipation problems inherent with carbon, grease and dirt build up on windings. The process is environmentally friendly and cleanup involves only the disposal of the material removed. This process does not generate any additional waste.

The EMS Ice Inc. dry ice blasting cleaning process is nonabrasive to virtually all substrates, allowing for the most sensitive surfaces to be cleaned. The process through which the cleaning is done is inert and therefore nonconductive making it ideally suited for electrical and electronic applications.